Thank you so much for your interest in Elliott. My name is Melissa Tilley and I am the designer and founder here at Elliott. After learning to sew at a young age, I became fascinated with learning more about the world of patternmaking and garment construction.

I earned my degree in fashion design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and after graduating, went on to learn the ropes of the industry at many small businesses including Good Clothing Company, Michael of Boston for the Bride, and Brass Clothing.

Part of my studies included a focus on sustainability. It is important to me to create a brand that is sustainably produced. We produce all of our garments in small batches in Massachusetts using a range of sustainable fabrics that feel lightweight and comfortable.

With Elliott, I set out to combine subtle femininity with simple silhouettes to create versatile pieces. An attention to detail in design lends itself to interestingly textured fabrics and trims that make you take a closer look. The collection features timeless, quality pieces that can be cherished.

Many people ask me why I named my company Elliott. This is an ode to my mom with whom I have the closest bond in my life. We have an inexplicable understanding of one another and I cherish this relationship. My dad dubbed us “E.T. and Elliott” from the movie “E.T.” and the rest is history.


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